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Tumblast Blasting Machine


The proposed Tumblast Blasting Machine shall be employed for cleaning of entire external surface area of casting, forging or fabricated components. The machine shall be useful for shot blasting.


The Blast cabinet is fabricated from 6 mm & 10 mm thick Mild Steel plates with structural steel reinforcement for robust construction. Interior portion of cabinet is lined with wear resistant SLL roof liners, wear resistant SLL Barrel Head Seals & wear resistant SLL Barrel Head Liners. Bottom Discharge hopper is in-built with cabinet. Hopper discharges spent abrasive directly to Elevator Boot Section through elevator driven lower screw. Cabinet is provided with an inspection door for easy access to interior. Slide type pneumatically smooth operated leak proof door is provided is front of cabinet having intermeshing labyrinth seal to prevent leakage of rebounding abrasive.


The work Conveyor is vulcanized endless rubber belt multiple ply construction running on support rollers placed to give required configuration easy tumbling of jobs. The front idler roller is equipped with fins designed to prevent abrasive from building up under roll. The support rollers are in sealed flange type ball bearings. The take-up and adjustment of belt tracking is accomplished through bolt type, movable bearing mounts located on cabinet walls. It has uniform and closed perforation ¼” 5/16” / 3/8” sizes holes (if required), filtering the abrasive into the bottom hopper.


The unit is enclosed by an easily detachable Mild Steel fabricated guard housing, equipped with replaceable wear resistant liners plate. The drive shaft is mounted in anti-friction bearings contained sealed unit type housing featuring a visible oil level indicator gauge.


Spent abrasive falls through the perforated rubber belt work conveyor and drop into gravity hopper below the cabinet to elevator driven lower screw, connected with a bucket elevator. A hopper screen is provided to separate foreign material from the abrasive system. Bucket elevator carries & delivers abrasive into and overheads air wash separator and storage hopper.

Tumblast Machine
MACHINE MODEL ZTB-1Cu.Ft. & 1.5 Cu.Ft ZTB-20 x 27 2 CFT (27 X 36) ZTB-3 ZTB-6
Blast Wheel unit 305 mm dia. Wheel 305 mm dia. Wheel ZE 25-150 RLM 305 mm dia. Wheel ZE 25-150 RLM
Max. work Load capacity 90 Kgs. 120 Kgs. 350 Kgs. 150 Kgs. 450 Kgs.
Work load capacity 1 Cu. Ft. 2 Cu. Ft. 4.78 Cu. Ft. 3 Cu. Ft. 6 Cu. Ft.
Mill width 500 mm 685 mm 915 mm 730 mm 914 mm
Conveyor Belt Rubber belt type Rubber belt type Rubber belt type Rubber belt type Rubber belt type
Work un-load height 1020 mm 1140 mm 1140 mm 940 mm 1250 mm
Size of barrel head 380 mm Dia. 500 mm Dia. 685 mm Dia. 600 mm Dia. 760 mm Dia.
Work conveyor speed 14 RPM 14 RPM 14 RPM 12 RPM 12 RPM
Abrasive initial fill 300 Kgs. Approx. 200 Kgs. Approx. 175 Kgs. Approx. 400 Kgs. Approx. 1000 Kgs. Approx.
Abrasive Separator 18” Gravity type 18” Gravity type 18” Gravity type Gravity type In-built 18” Gravity type
Width of cabinet 1295 mm 1450 mm 1650 mm 2760 mm 1470 mm
Depth of cabinet 1190 mm 1695 mm 2100 mm 2720 mm 1250 mm
Height of machine (Elevator) 2750 mm 3500 mm 4090 mm 3100 mm 4575 mm
Weight of machine. 1350 KGS. 2100 KGS. 4000 KGS. 2375 KGS. 8500 KGS. (Approx.)
Wheel unit motor 5 HP 1500 RPM 5 HP 3000 RPM 10 HP 1500 RPM 7.5 HP 3000 RPM 15 HP 1500 RPM
Mill Drive Motor 1 HP 1500 RPM 1 HP 1500 RPM 1 HP 1500 RPM 1 HP 1500 RPM 1 HP 1500 RPM
Elevator drive motor 1 HP 1500 RPM 1 HP 1500 RPM 1 HP 1500 RPM 1.5 HP 1500 RPM 1 HP 1500 RPM


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